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Our company went to Africa Johannesburg international packaging exhibition
Date:2019/5/27 14:30:01

The Johannesburg international packaging exhibition by south Africa's Specialised Exhibitions company host, Saudi Arabia support printing industry alliance, the exhibition has successfully held six sessions, held every three years in south Africa, the Propak Africa in March 2019 held in Johannesburg NASREC exhibition center. Co-sponsored by South Africa packaging association, South Africa plastics machinery industry association and South Africa packaging institute, it is a large-scale professional exhibition of printing, packaging and plastics industry in southern Africa, enjoying a high reputation in the industry and also the most active stage in South African business circle.

With an exhibition area of nearly 13,000 square meters, 484 exhibitors from 46 countries participated in the exhibition, attracting 15,208 visitors. The broad development prospect of the South African market is pregnant with huge business opportunities for Chinese printing, packaging, plastic manufacturing and equipment enterprises

My company with part of the new products to participate in the exhibition, with local agents and old customers conducted in-depth exchanges, met new customers, won the customer's recognition!