Building waterproof

Waterproof film, waterproof coating and other materials have the characteristics of high tensile strength, high elasticity and elongation, good adhesion, water resistance and weather resistance. They can be used at low temperatures and have a long service life. One of the waterproof materials-rubber-plastic is made of neoprene, butyl rubber, EPDM rubber, polyvinyl chloride, polyisobutylene and polyurethane. It can avoid the damage of water to buildings. It is widely used in peripheral protection structures and defense measures in basements and other parts.


PE waterproofing membrane (SBS) mask

Application: It can be used on the surface and bottom of SBS roll to isolate and protect it. At the same time, the name of the company、roll、LOGO can be printed on the surface of the film for anti-counterfeiting and decoration.

Performance:Protect the roll from damage at 170 ℃ in the production process. easy to bake during construction, weatherproof and anti-aging. while the beautiful appearance of the coil plays a decorative role.

Dimension: 1050mm-1150mm*11g/m²-18g/m²




Application: SBS waterproofing membrane mask.

Color: black、white

Performance:Excellent dimensional stability, good fixation of its size, no deformation, anti UV and anti-aging properties. In the production process of SBS coil, PSD mask has higher heat resistance than ordinary mask. It is helpful to improve the speed. It has high temperature resistance and easy baking during construction. It has bidirectional tensile properties, small density, light weight, thin thickness, long mass per unit mass, and low production cost. It has high penetration, hot resistance and easy baking properties. It can play a bright and beautiful appearance for SBS waterproofing membrane and enhance the appearance and appearance of products.





PCM High strength crossed laminated film: It is composed of two layers of high-strength PE film with 45 degrees of oblique cross-compounding. The thickness is 0.1-0.14 mm. The width can be divided into various widths at will. The color can be black, white, blue, green or combination of different colors on both sides. The appearance is flat and beautiful. Tensile force can reach 200N ~ 400N, high temperature resistance 150 degrees. PCM is different from ordinary single-layer or multi-layer structure in strong cross-lamination. It has thermal stability, dimensional stability, bidirectional tear resistance, high strength and high elongation that ordinary films do not have.



          Properties: Polyethylene is odorless, non-toxic, waxy-like and has
          excellent low temperature resistance (minimum operating temperatu
          re can reach - 100 ~70 degree C). It has good chemical stability and
          can resist the erosion of most acids and bases. It is insoluble in gener
          al solvents at room temperature and has low water absorption and
          excellent electrical insulation.


● High transparency and shrinkage

● Good heat sealing performance

● High gloss and toughness

● Tear resistance and uniform heat shrinkage