Huayu (Shandong) New Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier, design and development of new applied film and related composite products, providing comprehensive solutions as one of the professional composite new materials company.The company is equipped with advanced film blowing equipment at home and abroad, cooperating with well-known raw material manufacturers at home and abroad, and adopting advanced production technology in the industry, which ensures that our company can provide the top grade products!The strong cross film, heat shrink film, modified mask, anti-static film, heat-resistant insulation film modified cellophane, and related composite film materials and products of Huayu, can be widely used in waterproof building materials, new energy (wind power, aerospace) mold, chemical, electronic product packaging and other emerging industrial fields! Based in China and facing all over the world,Huayu has established many production and processing bases in China, with the annual sales volume of various materials reaching nearly 10,000 tons, and established dealer teams and sales companies in many countries including Eurasia and America. It provides instant service for customers worldwide, and its products have been sold to 40 countries and regions. Market-oriented, adhere to research and development and production of equal importance! To achieve the goal, we have created an excellent r&d team, which always aims at the market demand, focuses on the development of alternative new materials, and into the industrialization, large-scale production, so far a number of products have won the national patent! The unremitting efforts and pursuit of Huayu is to let our materials create value for customers and contribute to environmental protection.

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