Food chemical industry

Food chemical industry refers to its protection of food, so that in the process of food circulation from factory to consumer, it can prevent the damage of external factors such as biology, chemistry and physics, keep the quality of food stable and convenient to eat, make food have a good appearance, attract customers more, and have added value.



Coating paper is a kind of composite material which coats plastic particles
on the surface of paper by tape casting machine.

main features:

Oil-proof, water-proof (relative), can be heat-bonded, different uses take
their different characteristics.




             ◆ Leaching paper

             ◆ Grassin Removal Paper

             ◆ CCK release paper

             ◆ Other release paper


Cleanness: Surface cleanliness and cleanliness

Degree of release: Degree of release paper, at this point there is no absolute
value, the company customized according to customer needs;

Peeling force: Peeling force refers to whether it is easy to tear off products.
Our company has strict testing standards.