Commodity industry

All kinds of shrinkable films play a wide role in the daily necessities industry, which brings great convenience to people's daily life. Our company provides all kinds of films according to customer's requirements.



Self-bonding property

Good flexibility and tension, strong wrapping ability

High puncture resistance

High transparency and gloss

Strong contraction memory function and good retraction tightness

The wrapped articles have good overall stability, which reduces the
phenomena of damage, collapse and bulk package during transportation.




             Material: Pure nylon blown film

            Product features: 200 degrees high temperature resistance, good
            corrosion resistance, wear resistance, flexibility and high temperature
            resistance characteristics

            Product Application: It is widely used in carbon fiber sporting goods
            (tennis rackets, badminton rackets, ski poles, golf clubs, pulp, bows
            and arrows, mountain sports cars) at home and abroad, and in the
            manufacturing market of special combat weapons for automobiles
            and aviation seats.



1. Super waterproof effect;

2. It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, high elongation, good self-adhesion and high transparency.

3. It has the characteristics of anti-puncture and super high strength.



             ◆ Characteristic:

             ◆ Favorable for preservation and preservation activity

             ◆ Rust-proof, moisture-proof and pollution-proof

             ◆ High transparency and luster