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Our company will attend the exhibition in UAE.
Date:2019/5/27 14:31:24

Our company will take part in the 2019 UAE packaging exhibition with some new products, booth number 3022, welcome to come! The United Arab Emirates dubai international packing and printing machinery exhibition was founded in 1997, two years, sponsored by the British TARSUS group its Fairs and Exhibitions companies, TARSUS group held all over the world many well-known packaging printing class exhibition.

The past exhibitors and visitors have covered a vast area, and Chinese exhibitors have strengthened the exchanges and cooperation with foreign enterprises of high-level packaging and printing machinery while displaying their products.

The exhibition is sponsored by Fairs and Exhibitions (1992), a subsidiary of the UK TARSUS group, which has held several Fairs of famous packaging and printing all over the world. The international packaging and printing machinery expo in the Middle East (dubai) has been successfully held for nine years.

According to statistics, nearly 1,100 companies from more than 50 countries or regions will participate in the exhibition in 2019, with an exhibition area of more than 15,000 square meters. The 2018 expo attracted tens of thousands of professional visitors from more than 80 countries, including the six gulf states, the Middle East, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Russia, with 36 percent from outside the Middle East.