Degradable film

Degradable film not only has the function and characteristics of traditional plastics, but also can be split and degraded in the natural environment through the action of microorganisms in soil and water or through the action of ultraviolet rays in sunlight after reaching the service life, and finally re-enter the ecology in the form of reduction.

Product Introduction


● Plastic packaging film

● Agricultural film

● Disposable plastic bag

● Disposable tableware



           The first week                                 The second week                                   The third week



Traditional polyethylene films must be laboriously collected after harvesting.
Recycling these contaminated films is an expensive and laborious task. In
contrast, our film covers can be easily dissolved into the soil after harvest.

During this process, microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi in the soil
will break down the  film. This saves growers time and money. More
importantly, there are no residual film fragments in the soil, which is more
conducive to the benign development of the soil. Due to the good physical
properties of our products, we can make films with thicknesses of 12, 10 or
8 microns to make them suitable.

This off-the-shelf composite can be processed using conventional PE film
production equipment.



            ● Thin layer, simple process, can use traditional PE film

            ● Production equipment for production

            ● Production equipment for production
            ● Control weeds and increase yield