Antistatic film

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the integration of electronic circuit boards is getting higher and higher, the high density of electronic components on the motherboard, the compact wiring, and even the widespread use of surface-mount components are likely to cause electrostatic damage to the circuit board. Packaging products with antistatic film can avoid electrostatic damage to the integrated circuit.

Product Introduction


Moisture-proof: The packaging film and the article are completely closely
matched, the space is minimized, and the moisture resistance is excellent.
The package does not need to add a desiccant, which saves cost; 

Anti-oxidation, anti-penetration and anti-corrosion; 

Can be attached to the product surface, the shape and appearance of the
product can be seen at a glance, beautiful and neat, improve the value of
the product, and increase the customer's desire to purchase.





● The vacuum packaging provides good protection of the whole stack of circuit boards
or multiple;

● components. Each piece is closely fixed to each other to avoid damage to the product  during delivery; 

● antistatic ability to prevent static damage;Never rub each other to cause scratches;