High temperature release film

The barrier film is a microporous and porous film. The material is mainly PP and PE, and is placed between the positive and negative electrodes inside the cell. It is mainly used to isolate the positive and negative plates to prevent the cathode and cathode from being short-circuited inside the battery, allowing ions to pass through and maintaining the function of the electrolyte.

Product Introduction


The perforated barrier film is an auxiliary material for isolation when the composite material is formed. Widely used in wind power blade forming process.



             ● Heat seal does not generate harmful gases

             ● Not sticky

             ● Light and tough


In most cases the barrier film is in direct contact with the laminate and the
laminate is isolated from the release-free airfelt. Our barrier film is selected
according to curing temperature, pressure, complexity of the part and resin
system, and is suitable for vacuum adsorption forming of wind power blades.

The barrier film is typically been perforated to ensure removal of air and
volatiles embedded into the laminate, it's thickness varies from 0.0012 mm
to 0.05 mm.

The physical and chemical properties of our barrier films meet the
professional needs of the wind power industry.