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New product DMX wins customers’ recognition
Date:2019/5/27 14:27:14

The company's new product DMX strong cross film research and development, production progress is smooth, what’s more,the new products have won customers’ recognition! DMX strong cross film is composed of two high-strength PE film compounded oblique cross 45 degrees, in 0.1 ~ 0.14 mm thickness, the width can be arbitrary choice cutting into various width, color black, white, blue, green, or a combination of different colors, DMX strong cross the overlying is different from ordinary single film or multilayer film structure, the ordinary film doesn’t have the thermal stability, dimension stability, two-way tear resistance, high strength and high elongation.

DMX strong cross film has a smooth and beautiful appearance. Its tension can reach 200N~400N, and its high temperature resistance is about 150 degrees. High temperature resistance, puncture resistance and other marvelous performance can be used in tag design, industrial packaging, waterproof materials and other high-end products market.