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DUO PLAST starts the film production with the new 9 layer extrusion line
Date:2019/5/27 14:25:59

Latest facts : 9 layers with up to 45 different components, a film thickness of up to 8 my and a film width of up to 2,700 mm - possible by the new stretch film extrusion line of DUO PLAST.

It finally happened end of February 2019! The new extruder of the film manufacturer DUO PLAST started at the second production factory in Sünna (Thuringia). Several conditions had to be obeyed before implementation of Macci´s innovative extrusion line.

One of the biggest challenges was the building of the new hall. However, thanks to the outstanding work of all those involved, the hall was finished in record time towards the end of the year. Within the last six weeks, the extrusion line was installed and the production started at the end of February.

An investment around € 4 Million was worth it – as the manufacturing of film thicknesses of up to 8 my, with 9 layers and of up to 45 different components is possible. High performance stretch film for load security, agricultural stretch film for silage bales and the products of the new product line „DUO FootPrint“ will be produced on the new extrusion line. It is even possible to develop the barrier properties of the food & health product line to new dimensions due to additional functional polymers.